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Shermans Logistics (Pvt) Ltd.
# 87, Barnes Place,
Colombo 7, Sri Lanka.

Shermans Story

The business, which had its origin in 1931 was structured into a family partnership with the launching of Sherman de Silva & Co. Limited in 1936.

The company expanded from its traditional business, being the export of Rubber, Spices and Coconut Products to import and trading sectors, and was able to establish itself as one of the leading companies in Sri Lanka and earn its international reputation which it still enjoys.


•1946- The partnership business was incorporated into a private limited liability company, Sherman de Silva & Company Ltd.
•1970 - The company was ranked as the leading exporter of natural rubber, cinnamon and coconut products.
•1973 - The progress of the family’s business resulted in Mr. Sherman de Silva including his children in to the business, by creating a new company under the name and style of Sherman Sons Limited.

Shermans-The Brand Name

•After the untimely demise of Mr. Sherman de Silva, his sons continued the business, which grew to be one that was blessed with a reputation that assisted them to develop a company to be a brand in Sri Lanka, under the name “Shermans”.
•This allowed the company to diversify into any field as “Shermans” had become a household name, making its brand of the Late Mr. Sherman de Silva’s name a valuable asset in the business.

The Success Story

•Sherman Sons Limited developed itself, to have a tremendous capital/asset base, with a diversified portfolio until the year 2006. 
•Mr. Sherman de Silva’s sons decided to restructure the Group in order for its co-business activities to flourish independently. 
As a result  Shermans International, as its third generation business venture was formed. 

Shermans International the Legend Continues.

Shermans International, is designed to preserve and continues the business traditions and codes of business ethics practiced for generations. Armed with innovative strategies, the vision is to be an aggressive market leader, which would bring further light to the brand that is “Shermans”.

•Founded in 1992
•Established as an International Freight Forwarding & Cargo Logistics Management Company to provide overall handling of export, import and trans-shipment both Sea and Air Freight.
•Experienced staff to handle Clearance, Delivery & overall Handling of Project Cargo.
•Offering door to door services & solutions to suit the Customers requirements.